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We would like to invite you to support and test "Opportunity in Education". There are many ways you can give us a hand. Share the projects website (Opportunity in Education), share a link with your social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.), blog about it, create articles, videos, interview people that work with and for Opportunity in Education and spread the word across all your social networks, E-Mail lists and talk to people in the real world face to face about their opportunities in education.

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The "Opportunity in Education" project is designed to provide access for anyone to a highly effective, intuitive, fun to use and affordable learning environment that can be easily implemented anywhere in the world as a local, regional or cross linked e-Learning solution in order to form a global e-Learning network. "Opportunity in Education" will promote actively equal opportunity for internet based lifelong learning for all users regardless of the country of origin and/or social and cultural background in a data safe and multilingual learning environment.

For more information visit the project website - Opportunity in Education
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The creation of equal Opportunity in Education

A global project to provide easy access and equal opportunity in digital education for anyone.

Inspired by learners and teachers around the globe, multinational institutions as well as corporations and the Expo Live initiative and the EXPO2020 themes. Take a look in detail at Opportunity in Education... Here you will find a detailed Project Description with a timeline, milestones and the project roadmap until EXPO2020.