Go alone to go fast... go in a team to reach far...

I Invent is the driving force behind the "Opportunity in Education" project. unite is the e-Learning Software brand of our close associate Sicher-im-Inter.net eG (Germany). The unite team consists of about 20 professionals from various countries such as Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Singapore with the associated diverse cultural backgrounds. Our team is as diverse as the requirements and demands this project and the many people around the globe provide and for whom we dedicate our time, expertise and passion.

Our team is reinforced by the "real experts" in the field and the many users such as students, teachers and e-Learning professionals that are currently involved in "Opportunity in Education" related projects and pilot projects. We benefit greatly from their feedback, input and feature requirements that arise from their daily use and practise in e-Learning.

This helps us to shape and tailor our project to the point as well as the real life requirements and demands. In turn we are very happy to see the constant growth of our expert team as the local projects and pilot projects are taking off.

unite - We connect people and knowledge with modern e-learning technology!

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